Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the volunteer requirements?
A: Each family is required to work 3 shifts per child in the concession stand with a maximum of 4 shifts per family. The concession stand shifts will be completed during the regular season games and during the two tournaments we host in July. Each work shift is approximately 3 hours. If you volunteer to be a coach or an assistant coach, this will fulfill your work requirement for one player.


Q: Why charge the $50 volunteer work deposit?

A: We are implementing the volunteer work deposit so that everyone does their part to help in the operation of the concession stand. In past years, CYL board members have spent countless hours calling parents and begging them to help out. We hope this will motivate everyone to help out just a little to make the league better for everyone, especially the kids.


Q: How will I get my $50 work deposit returned to me after I work my 2 shifts per child?
A: You fill out and sign a form after your shift is complete, have it initialed by a CYL Board member running the stand that night. When you register your child you will select refund, 50/50 or donate. All refunds will be processed after the league has finished at the end of July. For those that select 50/50 for the drawing, last year there was over $450 to be won.


Q: What other fundraiser activities does the league do?

A: None. We rely on our concession stand to be our only fundraiser. If fact, the concession stand and our July tournaments generates over 75% of our revenues for the league. These funds pay for balls, bats, catcher's equipment, uniforms, umpires, and upkeep of our beautiful baseball park. It also funds the projects we do to improve our ballpark, like the new dugouts in 2008, the batting cage in 2010, the scoreboards in 2012 and again in 2015, the infield improvments in 2016 and all the needed equipment for the fields.


Q: Why do I need to work during a tournament even if my child did not make a tournament team?

A: The tournaments are a fundraiser for the entire league and not just the tournament teams.


Q: How are tournament teams selected?
A: Tournament teams are picked by all the coaches in the league by a ballot vote. All players in the league are eligible to try-out for a tournament team.


Q: How much does it cost to be on a tournament team?

A: Nothing, the fees are paid by the league.


Q: How many players are selected for the tournament traveling team and how many tournaments do they go to?

A: About twelve players are selected at each age level. There is a separate team for each age level from 8 year olds through 13 year olds. Each team will usually get into three to four tournaments, including our own in July at Bucholtz Park.